S. Hamilton 30 Nevada 14

After Nevada scored on the first two drives of the game to take a 14-0 lead, South Hamilton’s physical ground game ate up most of the clock in the second and third quarter, while South Hamilton scored touchdowns and 2-point conversions on all three drives.

A costly turnover on a kickoff return and South Hamilton getting the ball to start the second half meant the Nevada offense did not have a possession in between those three drives. Nevada got the ball at the start of the fourth quarter, down 22-14, but was unable to generate any points.

South Hamilton was stopped by the defense on the next drive, but the Nevada offense would eventually turn the ball over and give it back to South Hamilton. South Hamilton then punched in one more score with a minute to go in the game to seal the victory. The defense and offense played really well for most of the game, but just didn’t make enough big plays to get the win.

— Submitted by Tyler Struck