The Syracuse Post 100 seniors picked up it's 20th win on the season after defeating Beatrice 5 to 0. Monty Roberts tossed a complete game shutout as the seniors advance to take on Hickman.

Roberts got help from his offense in the first inning when Trevor Brinkman hit a line drive single to right field.  Brendon Lyon drew a walk and Christian Frederick drove a deep fly ball to right field that carried over the defenders head as both runs scored and Syracuse took a 2-0 lead.

In the bottom half of the fourth inning, and Beatrice threatening with runners on first and second, Roberts struck out the Beatrice hitter on a nice breaking ball, and Syracuse was able to get out of the inning.

Syracuse added some much needed run support in the seventh inning.  With the score 2-0 in favor of Syracuse, Brandon Cavanaugh and Brinkman drew two out walks.  Lyon nailed the ball to left center field that scored Cavanaugh and pinch runner, Jake Gorton, for the two RBI triple.  Frederick came to the plate and hit a hard ground ball to the shortstop that was mishandled as Lyon scored.

In the last inning, Roberts got the last batter to fly out and the Post 100 seniors went on to win 5-0.

Coach Mark Bayliss was impressed on how Roberts pitched after not picking up a baseball since the seventh grade.  “It was outstanding,” Bayliss said.  “He never really played since Pony ball, and came back and played for us last year.”

With Sam Goering out with an injury, Bayliss said Roberts has stepped in and played a critical roll.

After a crazy 15 to 14 win against Fairbury on Friday, Bayliss was pleased with his teams focus and approach in this contest.  “We really came out focused today, and everybody had a great approach at the plate,” Bayliss said.  “Defensively we played great and the intensity from the dugout to the field was a whole lot better.”

Christian Frederick will be on the hill against Hickman and Bayliss said Frederick is one of the better pitchers around the area, and with him going against any team, we feel pretty comfortable.

Hitting: Frederick, double, single; Lyon, triple; Brinkman, Izaak Prater, Mitchell McWilliams, and Roberts, each with singles.
RBI: Frederick and Lyon, two each.
Runs scored: Lyon, two; Brinkman, Gorton, and Cavanaugh, one each.

Pitching: Roberts got the win by allowing five hits and six strikeouts, in seven innings of work.

Syracuse (2-0) will face Hickman (2-0) on Sunday, July 22, at Beatrice, beginning at 6 pm.