To the editor:

The Nevada Economic Development Board acquired 100 acres of farmland approximately four years ago. The land is located on the east side of West 18th Street.

The city of Nevada decided to rent the land for the following year.

I sent a letter to the mayor and City Council, recommending Brett Anderson continue to farm this tract as his family had been farming it about 45 years. There have been three different tenents since the city acquired it.

Without a doubt, this is probably the most unsightly year for this property since it was homesteaded nearly 150 years ago.

I understand that the city needs someone in charge of different departments. Also, I know that there are several departments in the agricultural industry with available help that City Hall does not have.

I began asking city officials about this matter in late June. I suggested spraying it with Roundup. I was told the plans were made to take care of this issue.

Written from near Wabasha, Minn., by a Grumpy Old Man.

LaVern Rullestad