Chris Nelson has been an active volunteer in the Ames community for more than 30 years. He has faithfully served upon and knows the workings of the Ames City Council. He is very committed to Ames, and provides a valuable voice in our community. I support Chris nelson for Ames City Council. I know Chris to be an active and supporting member of the Rotary Club of Ames, as well as a number of community efforts directed towards helping others. I am grateful the Chris volunteered to serve on the board of Mainstream Living from 2009 to 2015. He is a strong advocate for the needs of the disabled, and/or disadvantaged members of our community. He served on our board of directors for six years, and was our Board Chair through some difficult transitions. His stewardship helped Mainstream Living provide exceptional services and supports for our members, and helped us to prepare for the challenges of managed care in Iowa. Chris Nelson’s leadership skills are impressive. He brings everyone – business, government, the Iowa State University community, and other interests – together to focus on the needs of our community, and find solutions. On a personal note, I have known Chris and his family for nearly 40 years. Chris is Vice president at Nelson Electric, a century old family business with offices in Ames, Waterloo, and Carroll. Chris brings his strong work ethic and commitment to community and family with him wherever he goes. I think the City Council is stronger with Chris Nelson, that is why I support his re-election, and I ask for your consideration and support, too.

William Vaughn, president and CEO of Mainstream Living Inc., Ames