To the editor:

With a vacated seat on the County Board of Supervisors coming after Supervisor Sanders announced his plan to resign there is an appointment to the BOS in the near future. If past precedent is any indication the Democratic majority committee entrusted in making the appointment will likely fill that seat with a Democrat. The last two times this has happened in Story County a Republican-led committee filled a seat vacated by a Democrat with a Republican. I don’t blame Democrats with wanting to take advantage of the results of the last election that gives this responsibility to them. After all, elections have consequences. However, they need to consider what is best for the citizens of Story County over a partisan power play.

Diversity always benefits the whole. In any group setting, diversity of ideas, backgrounds, or demographics leads to more creativity, discussion, and innovation. Having that alternative opinion to provide a different perspective or ideology is what brings about good government. Consensus building through compromise and cooperation will always produce better results. We need those voices that say “What about…?” or “Have you ever tried …?” in order to invent, adapt and move forward. I think Democrats should look to the betterment of the County and name a Republican to fill the vacated seat.

Politically, we’ve seen both on the national and state level how governing can change when one party holds all branches of power. It brings power grabs that make it even more difficult for the minority to be heard. It breeds late night legislation pushed through at the last minute without due consideration. It leads to legislation being created behind closed doors in party meetings without public input. A strong minority party presence is the check and balance that keeps these transgressions from happening.

The Democrats of Story County are being given the opportunity to rise above partisan politics and show the people of our county that better government comes before partisan advantage. I hope they make the right choice.

Luke Spence

Nevada Democrat