To the editor:

I have been a Big 8 customer for over 30 years. During that time, they have had many different auto-related issues to help me with. Issues included but are not limited to air conditioning, brakes, transmission flushes, changing out headlights and taillights, tires, oil changes, windshield wipers, radiators, shocks and struts and more. Sometimes my bill was a lot, but many times it is was not. If something big comes up when they are performing a diagnostic assessment, a call is made before any work is completed. They do not add on items just to make the bill larger. Just today I thought I needed something done and they told me that I wouldn’t need that particular repair for a while yet. Mick and Scott Tscherter go out of their way to accommodate their customers. They form relationships with clear discussions about the state of condition of each and every vehicle. They advise about taking a pro-active approach towards vehicles. I listen to them and fortunately have never broken down when traveling. Once in a blue moon I have had an emergency and Big 8 always does their best to accommodate my needs. Often I drop off a car for a small job and I can be bumped to the next day if an emergency comes through the door. They appreciate that information so they can better deal with those actual emergencies other customers sometimes have. I could not find a better business partner to keep my vehicles in running order.

Ray Murray