To the editor:

A friend of mine reminded me that people and businesses like to hear good things about themselves. All too often we wait till someone goes out of business, retires or dies before saying those good things. Relationships are important in all aspects of life. This is what I believe Henderson TV and Appliance does.

Dennis Henderson and Dave Elliott have been lifelong partners serving the community of Nevada and beyond. They happen to sell appliances and electronics, but it goes much deeper than that. Henderson TV and Appliance makes a commitment to their customers to sell products at competitive prices, install everything they sell and keep the appliances and electronics sold in good working order. They may even help people who didn’t buy their products in need of repair, but you probably will at the bottom of the service call list.

I hear people express surprise that we buy our appliances at Henderson’s.

They ask me why I would do that? It really is pretty simple. During our kitchen remodel we checked prices at Nebraska Furniture Mart, Menards and Lowe’s. Henderson’s prices were very competitive with these big outlets. Secondly, try to get any of those big outlets to come for a service call when something goes awry with an appliance. I purchase from Henderson’s for three basic reasons. One, the purchase prices are good. Two, service, service, service. Three, I have formed an incredible business relationship for over 30 years. Kudos to Henderson TV and Appliance. I hope they stay in business for many years to come.

Ray Murray