Keely Pennington: Home! Jays! VFW dinner!

Juanita Loonan: Great people, old settlers, awesome town guy

Micki Johnson: The old wooden bridge that is no longer there.

Dee Gamble: Logsdons

Deanne Partridge: Lee Old Settlers and the museum

Alex Golly: Family!

Rose Sparks: Settle in for the good life. My family and I love Maxwell we moved here from the Philippines

Keith M. Partridge: Old Settlers Celebrations and Church at Peoria United Methodist Church.

Mallory Mansfield: Home, old settlers

Pam Murphy: Old Settlers Rodeo

Jen Tongay: Home

Nancy Goosic Reiter: Rockets and Museums.

Nick Burnett: How nice people were to me when I wanted to open a clinic there. Even though my grandparents are buried there, when I think of Maxwell I always remember Doc and his enthusiasm for the Historical Society and their presence in the Old Settlers Parade!

Mary Jo Weeks Kellogg: Cooper’s Furniture Store, Ray’s Hardware Store, Old Settlers Picnic.

Brian Banks: My great-grandparents (longtime Maxwell residents from way back) Dan and Phoebe Burgess.

Sue Sheeler: (to Brian Banks) how about eating my Grandma Gardner’s chocolate cake??

Brian Banks: (reply) I spent a dinner or two at her place. lol We’d drop my grandma off at her place for the weekend during Old Settlers. And we always stayed for supper. I’m sure chocolate cake was usually on the menu.

Sue Sheeler: My hometown. A classmate was Miss Iowa in 1972…. Jennifer Owen; Playing pool and billiards at the Pastime; Old Settlers Picnic; Fishing at the gravel pit north of town; Memorial Day services at the cemeteries and looking for the flag with my Grandpa Gardner’s name.

Mary Lou Flack: My Moms hometown! Class of 53!Wonderful childhood memories,visits to relatives and Old Settlers Picnic!

Kimberly Marsh: Tyer Logsdon’s, Old Settlers, Maxwell Community Historical Society, Toots’ Cuttin’ Parlor, Small town friendly smiles and “farmer wave’s and nods.”

Lisa Mens: My first memory is of a Pharmacy (maybe where the Gable was) with a soda fountain! Anyone remember the name of this Pharmacy?

(Some Replies)

Paula Luther: I remember it. They had fountain pop and ice cream cones. I can see the people’s faces but the name I don’t remember. His name was Curtis. Run by husband and wife.

Lisa Mens: Paula Luther, you’re right! Was that the last name… I also remember a bar next to the old back. They served peanut dip! Rob’s or something like that!?!

Sherri Robertson Smith: Yes my mom & dad’s bar. Robbies. Dad made the peanut dip. We also made millions of pizzas before there were many homemade pizzas. Can’t even tell you how many pounds of mozzarella I shredded!! Best cherry cokes!!

Sue Sheeler to Sherri Robertson Smith: I loved the pizza..yummm… and ice cream sundaes…

Sherri Robertson Smith: peanut dip was made with Spanish peanuts, shredded carrotts hot horseradish..

Janet Mayo: Friends that live there. Also, my Mom and her family lived there when she was young…..remembering those stories, I think from the 30’s.

Liz Boten: Music on Main St at Christmas time

Dave McHone: Story County Freedom Rock.

Paula Luther: The city park flooding and Old Settlers.

Trudy Vaughan: My great gramma Rebecca Bloomfield. My Grampa Moses Baker

Wendy Smith Albrecht: Logsden’s and the sour apple candy, purchased on the way to Girl Scouts meetings at the Legion Hall.

Regina Whitehead: Lived there all my life when I was growing up, Logsdons, Old Settlers, Museum, classmates.

Roger Summitt: Living in the funeral home

Dale Yeazel: The Super Slammer at Logsdens!

Tara Huntrods: Old Settlers!

Mallory Mansfield: Old Settlers

Elizabeth Rachele Smith: Old settlers weekend

Kasee Rasmussen: Jay’s. (Logsdons)…When I first moved to Collins people would talk about Jay’s and Logsdons and I thought they were two different places.

Jennifer Golden Doobay: The Maxwell Museum!

Shelby Jo Rutter: Old settlers

Tara Huntrods: Story County Freedom Rock!

Judy Caldwell: The museum!

Melissa Cory: Logsdons grocery

Russ Richardson: Cooper’s Furniture

Rebecca Hasbrouck: Scoopin the loop with Ronda Jennings-Biery

Kae Robertson Stratton: Old Settler’s Picnic

Ruth Ann Doherty: (to Kae Robertson Stratton) Yep…. That is what I remember too. Did we ride our bikes to Maxwell Kae ?

Kae Robertson Stratton: (to Ruth Ann Doherty) I don’t remember doing that, but I do remember always going to Maxwell to stay with my cousin during Old Settler’s… might have gone along with me.