To the editor:

If readers of the Nevada Journal have not read Steve Corbin’s column (The morality test for pro-life and pro-birth, Feb. 28, 2018), I would recommend that they do so.

Steve presented several interesting positions that he feels should be expected of people who are pro-life. Steve implies that pro-life people should: support gun control, oppose the death penalty, support mandated universal pre-K education and support open borders. Steve also implied that pro-lifers have not supported women’s health care.

If Steve felt a need to discuss what he feels should be expected of people who are pro-life, he might also have discussed abortion laws that have been passed, and celebrated, by several states. These laws would permit a mother and her doctor to decide if a baby who has been born alive will be provided medical care.

Dr. Willard Cates, an expert on medical statistics, estimates that 400 to 500 abortion live births occur every year in the United States. Other studies show that the total for all forms of abortion comes to more than a million in the United States every year. Since 1980, there have been well over a billion abortions performed around the world.

Steve used a quote by Nelson Madella (“there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”) as something that should be considered when dealing with pro-life and pro-birth challenges.

Steve could probably benefit by rereading, and thinking about, Nelson Mandella’s quote.

Jerry Wisnieski