Jenny Adelmund: That’s where I saw Floppy the Dog and Duane, in a park across from the nursing home

Lori Hoberland Hughes: What I enjoyed most growing up in Zearing was the Labor Day Celebration. I would ride my pony in the parades in the morning and the Horse Shows in the afternoons and evenings. Also watching my cousin, Dick Sparrow drive his 40 horse hitch down Zearing’s Main Street in the early1970’s.

Miguel Sanchez: Not an easy concrete pour on the lake’s ramp

Stacy Coen Williamson: Home. A family oriented, trustworthy community where “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” still stands true. A small town known for: The 40 Horse Hitch, Sneaky Pete Band, Blattel-Britton Art, Rubber Buster’s, Dakin’s Lake, NESCO Medical Clinic and Zearing Days. A place where I played in the creek, rode my bike until dark, played kickball and watched baseball at the Duane Newton ball field. The great town I’m proud to forever call Home.

Kim Anderson: First small town fair/rides/vendors/truck pull I took my kids to when I moved to story county back in 2008.

Teri Hughes Jensen: When I think of Zearing I think of all the stories my uncle and mom told me about growing up there. Lori Hoberland Hughes and Dan Hoberland.

El Jean Wildeboer: Great medical care and pharmacy for us and surrounding communities

Joshua Snodgrass: A whole lot of VW’s at that junkyard heaven for VW people like myself.

Kay Fleshman: Carolyn Blattel and her husband’s great artworks…143

Mike Hathaway: 40 horse hitch

Phyllis Myers: Dakins Lake. Went fishing there as a child.

Diane Davis Hobart: A beautiful lake with an awesome walking trail. A quiet town that was great for raising kids. Friendly and kind people.

Mary Thompson Perry: Don Perry’s cousin, Carolyn Blattel-Britton! And her amazing artwork!

Linda Haley Cheek: Girls’ basketball

Diana Dee Johnson: A great community!

Chris Newton: Great place to grow up

DeAnna Rhodes Overman: Sparrow 40 horse hitch!

Julie Caster: 40 horse hitch and the Zearing water tower

Steven Burnett: The VW junkyard

Lynn Scarlett: NESCO medical clinic

Brian Banks: My high school days

Katherine Johannes: Home

Stephanie Christian Anderson: Dakin’s Lake

Arrend Jelsma: Home!

Corey Morris: My hometown

Melisa Johnson: What a great childhood I had there.

Jean Brinkman-Longnecker: 40 horse hitch