Mark E Litchfield: I don’t like the idea of a wall but I don’t like making it easy for them to bring in drugs and human trafficking. If a wall saves 1 life you can’t put a price on that! Yes to cut Pelosi’s drug cartel.

Beth Wagner: No, for several reasons:

1) The border situation is not “beyond the ordinary.” It has been going on for years.

2) It doesn’t threaten the health and safety of citizens (who?…testimonials?)…

3) This CAN be addressed by the laws in place, however, the laws in place do not constitute the need for a wall, or there would be agreement throughout the branches of government.

Almeda Warner: There are so many things he could declare a National Emergency for! For example mental health care, senior citizens and the elderly oh, and what about the furloughed workers who may or may not receive their paychecks and had to work without pay! This country is so divided, I think we’ve built a wall among ourselves! Just my opinion.

Russ Cruse: Whatever happened to the El Chapo Act s.939? This would work for me.

Mike Crawford: The answer is yes… Why do people conveniently leave the word “illegal ” out when talking about immigrants? I have no problem with legal immigration… The last 3 Presidents have ALL built sections of a wall, 650 miles worth.

May Conde: Absolutely not! This does not meet criteria for a national emergency and is a both costly and ineffective strategy.

Eileen M. Miller: How about a state of emergency for our broken, or complete lack of a mental healthcare system?

Kathleen Smith: No. There is not an emergency.

John M. Miller: If your front door doesn’t lock and criminals are coming in, that is an emergency.

Brian Peterson: No. No. No. And no. There is no national emergency. Period.

Kendra Dodson Breitsprecher: What Brian said

Jason Elliott: I don’t think he should declare a national emergency. Only because it is not a national emergency. I am for the wall but I think there are better outlets to getting it done. We could take money spent on illegal immigrants to fund it. Just my opinion.

Ann Danielson: Nope……no emergency. This was his pledge saying that Mexico would pay….they won’t and we shouldn’t.

Heather Kiger: No. I don’t think it is an appropriate use of an emergency declaration. Nor would it be an appropriate use of our military. This is not an emergency.

Rachel McFarland: No. It’s all a bunch of posturing and nonsense.

Sheryl Davis: No. Because I had a very strong margarita!!

Michael Beaty: Trump is an idiot and unfit to be President and keeps on proving it. And by god, everbody knows it.

Kyle Wilson: No absolutely not. He is mad because he promised Mexico would pay for it and they refused. Then he wants to hold 800,000 employees hostage till he gets want he wants. That didnt work. We shouldn’t be responsible for him not being able to hold an outrageous promise. Plus the wall isnt going to fix the issue, look at Jurassic Park — haha — didnt keep the dinos in.

Jim Weyant: Yes. Democrats refuse to compromise with the president to secure our border.

Vern Fleshman: It’s not an emergency, it’s a crisis maybe, we praised Gorbachev for tearing down the Berlin Wall! Now we want to build one we don’t need! We need to round up all illegals and send them back or put them in prison they are breaking our laws! … Leaders don’t care about the mentally ill!

Maxine Harms: Yes. We claim to be a nation of laws and to follow our Constitution. The wall would make is easier for our law enforcement officers to defend the border and prevent illegal immigrants from entering. In addition to the wall, the use of new technology, more personnel, judges etc would help the process.

Diane Marie: No. Even Border Patrol says there is no emergency, and many of them have also said that the wall is a ridiculous idea. One made a video of how easily he was able to saw through two panels with a saws-all and climb through. It took no time at all. People are already climbing over and tunneling under what is already there. I just watched a video interview of a woman who scaled it with two children, aged 12 and 4!!!!

Linda Wright: No wall. We need better technology and more manpower. A wall would separate wildlife from feeding grounds and/or breeding grounds. Lastly, we need to crack down and punish those who hire undocumented workers for slave wages.

Shawn M. Hunter: The president shouldn’t have to declare an emergency.. The security of our nation should be a priority for all of us .

Brandon Williams: No but he will because he’s special… Trump had 2 years when the Congress was majority Republican’s to run this through. He said Mexico was gonna pay for it numerous times, as we all know the majority of what he says is bs!

Linda Williams: Yes, we need to take care of our … women who are homeless and needing health care before we take care of the illegals. It’s a shame that the elderly have to choose food on the table or medicine when the illegals get it for nothing , if they can get across our borders!!

Sherri Bainter: No - unless he tells us exactly where the money is coming from. As I recall during his campaign he promised if elected he would build a wall & Mexico would pay for it.

Matt Hobbs: No, because it’s not an emergency. Needs to be dealt with, surely. But not in any way shape or form, an emergency.

Destiny M Merical: Ya know…. If you look into the spending of the US government, you’d learn that there are definitely enough resources to support every homeless person in the US 3 times over. We don’t need a wall — we need compassion to overcome greed.

Ron Beaston: I believe we need physical barriers along parts of the southern border as soon as they can be constructed. First, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to add the money requested to any bill they pass. They have both supported a wall, fence, steel barrier, or some type of physical structure numerous times in the past. If they do not include money for a barrier now, it is obvious they are unwilling to support anything President Trump does. The President has other options he can use to build barriers on the border other than declaring a National Emergency,(even though that is what we are facing today). Here is the gist of Code. 10 U.S. Code § 284 (a)Support to Other Agencies.—The Secretary of Defense may provide support for the counterdrug activities or activities to counter transnational organized crime of any other department or agency of the Federal Government or of any State, local, tribal, or foreign law enforcement agency for any of the purposes set forth in subsection (b) or (c), as applicable. Hopefully President Trump will not need to do anything other than sign a bill that meets his demands.

Kathy Johnson: No. It won’t stop terrorists or illegal drugs and it will cause severe ecological upset. The money would be much better spent providing food,affordable housing and healthcare to folks who need it.

Larry Sloan: How is it not an emergency when thousands die every year because of the drugs, human sex trafficking, and criminals crossing our border unabated? It didn’t have to get thisbad, if only this problem had been handled properly under past administrations, but the fact is, that it has become necessary to declare an emergency to get it addressed. If we can’t secure and control what happens at the border, how can we hope to secure and control the rest of the country? When your boat is sinking, the first thing you have to do, itstop the leaks. Our border is leaking badly. Stop the inflow, then bail like hell.

Paul Strum: BUILD THE DARN WALL! Shouldn’t have to declare an emergency to build that wall if other people would get off their ass.

Kathy Huntrods Bergmann: No wall. Use funds for more border officers, technology, court officers to process immigration requests. Use money also to take care of homelessness, mental health issues, and food insecurity. Make America help people!

Paul F. Meyers: Sounds good to me. Close it down. The flow of drugs alone has to stop.

Claudia Ann Cook Atkinson: No because there is not an emergency. He’s not being forthcoming with the final cost and there is a lot of research showing the fence would not work.

Mike Sauer: Yes. The Democrats will do anything to prevent another victory which will make it harder to beat him in 2020. The actual mileage for the wall is roughly 500-600. The Democrats have voted to fund a wall in 2006 and 2013. As well as to vote to fund a wall for the country of Jordan to keep ISIS out. Trump has given concessions and they haven’t. And they won’t. Hence the need to declare an emergency.

Karen Carlson: No. It is not an emergency. There is already a wall there. They need to keep more border agents. Dems offered 1 billion for the wall. It’s called a budget!! What happened to Mexico paying for it????

Jerry Courter: I’m guessing that there are a lot of sex slaves in our country right now who were escorted over that border illegally without a wall that would claim that there is absolutely an emergency but that is just my guess to all of you people who think there is not.

Kimberly Marsh Tyer: If people think that Mexico is where all the drugs in the US come from and where all the sex trafficking is happening you really need to educate yourselves...It’s the same for human trafficking. A wall will not help any of those problems.

Patty Heintz Peterson Sadowski: Absolutely not

Marty Gartin: No. His own intelligence agencies (which he has chosen to ignore because they don’t agree with him) have made it crystal clear that the southern border is very low on our country’s list of security priorities. But, one way or another, our Game Show Host Toddler president will fight to get his White Bigot Fence. It helps to distract from his treason.

James Davis: Hell no, stupid waste of money for a fake crisis for a fake president who lies 10 times a day — Mexico would pay for it.

Sandi Lanc: No

Mary Lou Goethals Haddock: No money could be better spent. Trump should have tried to pass it when Republicans had control of the house. Trying to do it now is just a political move for him. I say exile Trump so he can go live with his buddy Putin.

Michael Foley: No. It’s only a national emergency to his campaign promises.

Anthony Forsmark: My simple take is this. We’ve existed nearly 250 years as a country without many physical boundaries, as most countries do. Throughout that time there has been a constant flow of immigration and contraband. Some would say it’s our national heritage. We should always strive to mitigate these things, but there is nothing happening recently that would qualify as an emergency. Illegal immigration is actually WAY down and the drug flow goes primarily through ports of entry (small loads carried by border crossers isn’t highly profitable…). More drugs and immigrants flow through towns, our northern border and the coasts than through the “unsecured” portions of our southern border. You want to address the majority, you address the points of entry and improve drone/satellite coverage for the remote ones. More x-ray machines would go further than this wall to stemming the flow.

You really want to correct immigration and crime? Address the source. Fine employers who hire illegals much more stiffly, which will pay for more enforcement personnel and equipment. You want to address drug trafficking? Make pot legal and help other nations stem other drugs from the source. Building a wall is just chasing your tail. It’s the boy with his finger in the dam. Cartels have billions, they will spend millions to find away under, over or around any new barriers, at worst the street value just goes up to make up the cost. Heck, make them all legal, tax them, and impose ridiculously stiff penalties for crimes while under the influence and mandatory 50-year sentences for selling to minors. Again, brings in more money for law enforcement. Might not be perfect, but it’s more logical than a wall that people can get around…

Karen Petersen Willson: Sorry to say even if they get the wall the illegals are still going to get into our country by either going over or tunneling under Neath. The illegals have committed many crimes in our country, I do agree they need to be stopped, But not sure the world is the answer. My nephew used to work for the border patrol and sent many illegals back across the border only to have them come back again and again and again. They even got on first name basis. He quit the border patrol when the illegals shot and killed the guy right next to him as they were trying to come in to our country.

Jon Locker: Between ladders, airplanes, subs, and the THREE OTHER SIDES OF THE COUNTRY, an 18-foot fence is a scam.

Michael Fitzgerald: No absolutely not - But he will

Doug Starbuck: We could have built the wall for what the shut down cost us. Sounds like we are better at throwing money away than making it work for us. Think how many people it would put to work. That money would go back into our economy. Get er done!

Debra Overmire Thompson: Yes, the recent fentanyl bust is a good example why. Imagine what is getting through is many times greater than that. Not to mention the diseases due to lack of vaccinations, terrorists etc. We need to help our own homeless vets and families alike.

Wendy Anderson Mayle: Simple answer- no, playing with the idea of declaring an emergency has removed the emergency. Emergencies require immediate attention and response.

Mark McHose: I live in Southern California. Definitely build the wall. How much money do Nevada schools spend on “English as a 2nd language” teachers that could be spent for better purposes?