To the editor:

“Although Nick’s (Julia Walker’s) impact in history was significant, he (she) is one of those everyday heroes who does something extraordinary but becomes only a footnote in a history text, if he (she) is not forgotten altogether.” I quote this from author Karen Hesse 2001 as she exp1ains why she writes about little known historical people. I was reminded of this after hearing that some members of the city council voted to ignore the City Manager’s recommendation to rename a park located in the northern part of town where I live.

I would like to say thank you to Barb Mittman and Jim Walker for your support and understanding the mission of the Nevada Historical Society. I will also thank the other four who helped to make Julia Walkers’s “footnote” a little bigger by voting to add a memorial stone with information about her contribution to the park. I am still baffled by the split of four councilmen to ignore written documentation to vote in favor of no change.

I encourage the historical society to continue their efforts to follow their mission of “Preserving Nevada’s Heritage Through Education. Promotion and Restoration. “ I would hope the community would support that history is being recorded accurately and respectively of all people who make contributions to the city over only a few getting acknowledgement.

Maxine Harms

Resident of ward 2