To the editor:

The three new proposed hog confinements being proposed are bad for Nevada. Besides the noxious odor, many of the fields where the manure will be spread empty into our waterways.

My kids and I spend a lot of time playing in East Indian Creek on our property and concerns about future water quality are weighing heavily on my mind. The arguments in favor of them stem from questions of property rights, but the Henry family’s property rights end where my property begins. Who is going to protect my property rights?

I demand that my creek remain clean, clear and safe for swimming. If a neighbor began dumping on my property, they would be required to clean it up. Will the landowners be required to clean my water, too? This is a problem of hog confinements making bad neighbors, turning beautiful rural landscapes into sacrifice zones. Some studies show property values around hog confinements dropping as much as 25 percent.

What will happen to a Nevada when those who can move, do move? What will happen to our schools? These hog confinements will impact every resident, and if the environmental and health considerations don’t move you, then a drop if your property value should.

Kimberly Stephens