To the editor:

I am writing you as a concerned citizen of Nevada. My home is located in Fernald in Richland township, which is within 2 miles of all three proposed CAFOs. This terrifies me, mostly for the health of my children and their ability to enjoy the outdoors when the smell is overwhelming, but also for my property value and the possible environmental effects on the air and water for all of Nevada.

It would be hard enough adjusting to one hog confinement moving in this close, but THREE!

I know that Fernald is not within the Nevada city limits, but all of us that live out here pay property taxes to Nevada just the same and matter just as much.

When considering the approval of these sites, those people with the power to vote against them need to not only consider the direct effect of the closest sites to the city of Nevada and the scarily close proximity to the elementary school, but also the compounded exposure to those who live in the middle of all three sites. Families who cannot just “move if they don’t like it”….families who have been in this neighborhood for decades, families with elderly and young children, families who chose to purchase outside of town because that was all they could afford….families who DO NOT have the financial resources of a corporate farm, a corporate farm that should be responsible enough to find land that impacts the environment and residents the least possible.

Kristen Wall