It's wrong to say that Plymouth in America was founded by capitalists. It was founded by communal collectivists today called socialists.

Memoirs of Plymouth governor William Bradford record that the well-read, highly religious and honorable members of the Plymouth colony arrived with a plan for collective property ownership reflecting the aristocratic class opinions then and written visions of Plato's utopia. The charter called for farmland to be worked communally with bounty of harvests to be shared.

In William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation," people formerly known for virtue and hard work became lazy and unproductive. Men became unwilling to work to feed another family—women unwilling to cook for another family—it appeared clearly as slavery. The colonists ate through their original provisions. Resources squandered. Fields lay largely untilled and unplanted. Vegetables were allowed to rot on the ground. Mass starvation and plague followed famine. Half the colony died.

Learning from mistakes, William Bradford gave each person or family a parcel of land to tend to for themselves. Local Indians helped the colonists. Successful abundance ensued.

The first Thanksgiving was a celebration of abundance due to the arrival of American "moral capitalism" following a period of starvation caused by socialism.

Jeff Lea, West Burlington