To the editor:

I was taught at a very early age that we shouldn’t fix things that aren’t broken and secondly, we should work smarter, not harder.

As a Hardin County supervisor, I have had the extreme privilege to work alongside Story County Supervisors Marty Chitty and Rick Sanders. Some of the unappreciated tasks that Rick and Marty tackle on a regular basis are issues that have a wide and broad encompassing effect on Story County residents include two of the major hot button topics: agriculture and mental health.

I’d like to explain that Hardin and Story counties work in a cohesive manner when it comes to production agriculture in terms of drainage districts. While administering drainage district business isn’t nearly as glitzy as landing a manufacturing expansion, the production agriculture producers depend on their property being suitable and sustainable to feed the world in a very volatile economic atmosphere. In the past two years since taking office, I have had the privilege of working with Rick and Marty to keep our constituents in both Story and Hardin counties sustainable and as profitable as possible. We have decided to work smart by doing our due diligence, having teleconferences and working directly with drainage district landowners to assure equity along the way.

Secondly, as a young man holding a degree in nursing and having practiced in E.M.S. for 20 years, I want to make sure the Story County voters understand the hard work, dedication and attention to detail in the decisions made in the regional mental health region have been exemplary. I can’t say that any of us have a magic wand to fix human behaviors and choices related to the mental health of our constituents, but I can tell you we have been implored by numerous counties outside our current region to be included in our region in the last year. As is in sports, music or society in general, people who see things that they want to hitch their wagon to because of the positive things occurring is seen as very flattering. In this case, Marty and Rick discussed in a public meeting (Oct. 16) that the request for adding an additional county would not be in the best interest of the current regional mental health structure. Continuity of care and Evidence Based Practice are very crucial to providing the highest quality of patient and client care. While our region works to better society as a whole daily, the current regional structure is not broken, and by their dialogue — my two peers, Rick Sanders and Marty Chitty, believe we are excelling in what we do while believing we can always strive for excellence in everything we do.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, I am asking that you support Marty Chitty and Rick Sanders when voting for Story County Supervisor.

B.J. Hoffman