The future of Iowa agriculture needs to be a top priority for our Secretary of Agriculture. I have lived my entire life in Iowa.

Over those years I have been directly involved in agriculture through different careers and now grain farming. I am pleased to see that Secretary Naig is taking an initiative and focusing on promoting careers in agriculture to ensure a prosperous future in Iowa agriculture and our state.

As someone who is a fifth-generation farmer in Des Moines County, I am happy to see that Secretary Naig has made it a priority to create high-tech, high-paying jobs here in Iowa. He is focusing on retaining our Iowa youth by attracting new opportunities in Iowa agriculture.

The experience Secretary Naig brings to the table is extremely valuable. Naig served as Deputy Secretary of Agriculture for almost five years, and is currently serving as our Secretary of Agriculture since March of 2018.  

We as Iowans need to focus on the future of agriculture here in our state, therefore I will be voting Mike Naig for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture on November 6th to ensure that the future in Iowa’s agriculture is bright. I encourage you to do the same.

Catherine Miller-Sands, Wapello