The victory of putting Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court belongs to rich, white males that played the role of “poor me” to an Academy Award level.

The note was preceded by President Donald Trump mocking Christine Blasey Ford at a campaign rally. The shocking display of Americans cheering, laughing and applauding the victim of sexual assault being ridiculed by Trump is a reminder of his ugly display of contempt against a disabled newsman during the campaign and his desire for a protester to be beaten.  

Trump makes it clear women, disabled people and minorities need to be put in their place and that place is below white, rich men.  

The battle for women to be treated equally under the law has been extremely difficult. Study our history, and you will see laws forbidding women the right to vote, the ownership of property, the right to testify in court and even to inherit property and money from her parents’ estates. At one time American men could legally engage in polygamy.

Women that vote for Republicans might as well look in the mirror and say, “I deserve to be mistreated. Beat me again because I am a nothing.” Then go to a Trump rally and hold up a sign — Women for Trump — and cheer for a man who despises you for being a female. 

Attempting to explain your behavior to your daughters will be more difficult.
Shirley Deck, Fort Madison