To the editor:

Dave Deyoe and the Republican legislature have now made it possible for Iowans to purchase health insurance that will not be regulated by Obamacare. The insurance coverage is cheaper by not regulated by government oversight. People can be dropped because of pre-existing conditions. If the insurance company decides not to pay the medical bills incurred there is no one that will make the companies pay. Oh yes, the companies will be able to cancel the insured’s policy at any time, no questions asked. Dave this is a great bargain you have given Iowans in the name of providing cheaper health insurance.

Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds took Iowa’s Medicaid system private a few years ago in the name of having a more efficient system an saving Iowa at least 50 million dollars a year. Newspapers all over the state have written editorials condemning what has evolved from this transition. Not all eligible people are not being served. Dave has not stepped up to help out this particular constituency. He is sitting on the sidelines letting this despicable treatment of our less fortunate happen.

Mental health facilities and funding have been cut dramatically since Republicans have controlled the legislature. Families of the mentally ill have no where to turn. It is a sad day when we don’t take care of our own citizens both young and old. Again, Dave is just sitting back and letting his party that controls all things legislatively go ahead with this action.

Between Republicans and Democrats, who to trust trust with Iowans health care is a no brainer.

Ray Murray