To the editor:

I am your constituent. I ask you not to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the United States Supreme Court. You have other qualified candidates.

I watched the entire Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Thursday, Sept. 27. All of it. In real time. Thank you for your respectful comments to Christine Blasey Ford. No thank-you for your hired interviewer in lieu of Republican committee members asking their own questions — an approach you abandoned when it wasn’t working.

I saw you often crabby, Senator Grassley, during the proceedings, pointing to Democrats, accusing them of last-minute delays. You may be right about the timing. But it doesn’t matter. Most of us believe Dr. Ford.

Judge Kavanaugh proved to all during this hearing alone that he is not suited for a lifetime job shaping the lives of every American. And he perjured himself in front of you and the entire world. No one who espouses the angry vitriolic partisan rhetoric he displayed is suited for the measured discernment required of a Supreme Court judge. It’s time to move on, especially for a country so divided.


Mike Coverdale