To the editor:

Our county government depends upon an effective balance between three supervisors, department heads and all employees. Being in an election year makes no difference on this aspect — the balance must remain the same.

The Sept. 18 board of supervisors’ meeting is a prime example of what happens when political motivation works to upset that balance. In an attempt to hijack the meeting, Lauris Olson and Linda Murken changed a simple topic on a meeting agenda into a tool for their own use to start a political firestorm to benefit them.

You are all well aware that Linda is running for election this year. However, her actions, along with Lauris’s actions at the board meeting, just go to show how dangerous these two can really be if they are both allowed into supervisor seats. Tuesday’s meeting is proof that neither one of them is qualified for the position at hand, nor do they possess the mental capacity to effectively run Story County.

I’d like to commend Rick and Marty on keeping their cool and handling the situation with grace. I’d also encourage everyone to make the right choice at the polls on election day — rather than throw Story County into unqualified hands.


Tim R. Hadley