Well, I see that the Trumpsters are still at it, trying to twist things to make the illegitimate occupant of our White House look like a good person or a hero.

The truth is President Donald Trump and his criminal cronies are out to turn this country into a fascist police state with him as it king. The wealthiest 1 percent and wealthiest corporations are using Trump and his cronies to do everything that they can to grab more money for themselves at the expense of the rest of us. The 1 percent and the corporations don’t care if they destroy our national parks and the environment, nor do they care how many people they cause to live in misery, or even cause to die. Only how much money they can grab matters to them.

As for Trump and his criminal GOP, they seem to want to be as cruel as possible to many as possible. The only way to end the slow motion disaster that is overtaking this country is to vote all Republicans out at all levels this November. Every vote counts, so make sure that you are registered, and make sure to vote them out.

Martin Campbell, Burlington