Ok, ok, I hear ya, ban the AR-15, but is that not like banning Baptist? As in a Constitutional protected right. You can't ban the AR-15 any more than you can ban Baptist, you can't ban the AK-47 any more than you can ban Presbyterians, you can't ban the Uzi any more than you can ban Jews, you can't ban the Mac-11 any more than you can ban Catholics.

Do you get the message yet? Don't even start on the idiotic saying "When the Constitution was written there were only muzzle loaders." Fine, when the Constitution was written, freedom of speech meant you could stand on the street corner and talk all you wanted, no mics or radio or TV or internet, freedom of press meant Ben Franklin's single sheet press, no high speed offset printing.

Freedom of religion would only be good for the religions at the time. No Mormons, no Branch Davidians, no Scientology, sorry Tom. Do you really want to open that can of worms?

Careful what you wish for, it might turn around and bite you in the butt. Does that register in your brain? It's not the gun, it's the criminal, stupid! Concentrate on that for a change.

Carl Brooks, Burlington