I’m sitting here in my easy chair thinking back to when I was in grade school. Some wanted to play dodgeball and some wanted to play Ring Around the Rosie or some other game. We had a teacher who would say let’s take a vote. Majority wins and that is what we did.

Today it’s different. Minority wins. This country is now ruled by one judge who decides the majority no longer counts. One ... one judge can say “you can’t do that to that single individual,” and then you know what happens? It gets into the court system and it simply dies there for months or even years.

Good examples would be Bill Cosby: how long has this guy been hanging on? Since allegations in 2014. Bowe Bergdahl: also since 2014. Both still walking the streets. When was the last time someone in Washington DC went to jail? I can’t think that far back.

The norm today seems to be “Congress shall make no laws that favor the "majority.” Come on, man.

Ron Johnson,

La Harpe, Ill.