To the editor:

I urge everyone in Nevada to get out and vote April 10 for Tracy Freese in the special election to fill our State Senate seat. There is only going to be one voting center in Nevada for this special election at Gates Memorial Hall, open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. There are other voting centers throughout Story County, and you can vote at any location for this election.

When I ran for City Council last fall, I was most frequently asked, “Why are you running?” My answer every time was: I love my three kids, I love Nevada and I want to make sure Nevada continues to be the forward—thinking, family-oriented city it is. Like me, Tracy has a young family and is invested in our district’s long-term success. With a background in financial management, specializing in farm estate management, as well as being a small business owner, she truly knows what small towns and rural Iowa need to thrive. Keeping families and jobs in rural Iowa is a key to long-term success and Tracy is committed to those causes.

A pressing issue for the city of Nevada at this time is that the state is currently considering taking away the “backfill,” a repayment of lost property taxes when the taxable portion of some properties was reduced several years ago. This would take away hundreds of thousands of dollars from Nevada’s budget in the coming years. There are many small towns in our area that will not be able to successfully thrive without that backfill. Tracy Freese is committed to keeping the promise the state made to the small towns of Iowa by keeping the backfill as it was originally structured.

Tracy is the family-oriented, business-minded advocate we need representing us at the state house and I urge you to vote for her on April 10.

Luke Spence

City Council Ward 2