To the editor:

I am writing to support Tracy Freese’s candidacy in the special election to fill the State Senate seat left open by Bill Dix’s resignation after the exposure of his inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist.

Bill Dix may have resigned, but unless we elect Tracy, his failed policies will live on in the Statehouse. If you’re tired of fiscal mismanagement and perpetual budget crisis, if you’re tired of attacks on Iowa’s teachers and public servants, if you’re tired of the soaring price of tuition at Iowa’s universities, if you’re tired of ineffectual solutions to our water pollution problem, vote for a change on April 10.

Iowa faces a financial crisis brought on by years of prioritizing corporate interests over citizens’ well-being. If things continue as they have been going, we will see homeowners’ property taxes rising to make up for the hole left in local revenues by a tax cut that largely benefits owners of apartment buildings. Privatization of Medicare management has cost the state money and worsened health care for thousands of Iowans. Tuition at ISU could rise as much as 7 percent. Despite Dix’s departure, Iowan taxpayers are still paying for a $1.75 million sexual harassment verdict due to his mismanagement.

With all the financial problems confronting Iowa today, who is better suited for the job than someone with a background in financial management? Tracy has been a small business owner, an entrepreneur, an estate planner for farmers and an educator. She has the skills Iowa needs. Let’s make a change together on April 10 and stand up for a government that puts people first.

Wendie Schneider