This is one of those days, March 24, 2018, that I hope will go down in history. The day that the youth of the United States stood together and yelled “Enough!”

Enough of what?

If you have to ask that question, then perhaps you need to read on.

I have tossed the idea of gun control around in my head for say, maybe one minute at the most. Gun control? I don’t think that gun control can ever really happen. Those individuals who get their hands on guns and then go into classrooms and venues and kill are mentally ill. They will always find a way to get a gun.

But what we can control is the access to classrooms and venues, to stop mass shootings. I believe in many things very strongly, but most strongly is taking a stand and helping to make things change.

Some may say it’s not their responsibility. Really? It’s everyone’s responsibility to make schools and venues safe. To say it’s not “my” responsibility is not acceptable.

My children are grown and we have nine beautiful grandchildren, all of whom are in classrooms at one level or another. It is my responsibility; I do not want to see anything happen to them or their friends. It is my children’s responsibility to stand up and help as well.

Isn’t it sad that our youth have lost faith in our government representatives, who have decided to do nothing? Now they are taking it into their own hands. They are marching on the nation’s capital, and they are marching on their state’s capital. Will things change because of these marches? Maybe not this instant. Remember those who are supposed to be working for us and representing us in the nation’s capital are not “on the hill” today while the youth of the United States are there to show those individuals, who we elected, how they feel. They are on a two-week vacation. Did we expect them to stay around when they heard this was going to happen? Absolutely.

Remember that these youths will be voting, some sooner than others. They want change, they want their voices to be heard, and if our elected officials are not there to hear and more importantly to listen, then these youths will vote in new officials who will listen. Don’t judge them short, they will find candidates who will listen and who will make a difference.

My suggestion for gun control is more safe and secure schools. This not only affects students, but it affects teachers and administrators alike. WE NEED TO KEEP GUNS OUT OF SCHOOLS. If it means taking more time each day and searching every backpack that enters every school at every level, then so be it. We need resource officers in our schools, and we need for schools to be locked down every single day. Some say that is not a right thing to do. I say — yes, it is.

If you say that takes too much time out of the school day…well guess what? I would and I bet every teacher asked to take time out of their day to help would agree that taking time out to make a school safe is a much better choice than taking time out to attend funerals.

Cost? Yep, good question. But should not be a question at all. While cuts are taking place to education almost daily, couldn’t cuts take place at the highest office in the land? Perhaps less golf outings or trips would help to pay for resource officers in our schools.

I tend to get pretty passionate about doing what I feel is my responsibility. And for those individuals who say it’s not their responsibility to help find a way to keep our children safe at school, I can only say “Shame on you.” To those elected officials who would not give up even one day to stay in the nation’s capital and see and hear the youth of the United States say that they have had enough, I say “Shame on You” and maybe you should start looking for a new job. Because these youths have had enough and if they feel this is their way of making a change, then that change will be in the positions of those who work on the Hill.

A very dear friend of mine, J.D. Scholten, is running for a congressional seat to serve all the people of Iowa in his district, all ages. I add his comments, not because he is a candidate that I believe in, but he is a candidate that makes sense.

“There’s a youth movement in the Democratic Party here in Iowa. As part of that, I view our generation as a group that understands the Second Amendment is important but not more important than life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” – J.D. Scholten