To the editor:

This is in reply to Jerry Wisnieski’s letter to the editor (Nov. 9, 2017) and his request that I answer two questions.

“Question No. 1: Why did Trump win?” Answer: The electoral college system was established during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. As announced on November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump garnered 306 electoral college votes (270 needed to win) with 46.4 percent popular vote to become USA’s 45th President.

“Question No. 2: How did Trump win?” Answer: Since I’m a centrist with fiscal conservative and pro-business Republican values, honor the Democratic Party’s belief of equality on all fronts, voted in 12 presidential elections for six Democrat and six Republican candidates and write my Op Ed columns for 68 newspapers in six states from a research perspective (minimum five sources versus typical columnists two sources), the best answer to the inquiry should not be my beliefs but those of other research-based sources. With thousands of newspapers and hundreds of magazines, the answer to Mr. Wisnieski’s inquiry will be quite varied. Therefore, I suggest Mr. Wisnieski read on his own accord, draw his own conclusion and as a start he should read 1) How did Donald Trump Win?, Newsweek, 2) Why did Trump win?, Washington Post, 3) 24 reasons by Donald Trump won, CNN Politics, 4) How Trump won the election, The Guardian, 5) The hard question isn’t why Clinton lost, it’s why Trump won, Vox, and 6) Donald Trump: how he won the White House in 2016 election, Time Magazine.

Mr. Wisnieski’s use of the term “deplorables” is analogous to Gov. Kim Reynolds October 31, 2017 statement “the liberals are unhinged.” Citizens of any political persuasion should have the moral fabric to treat other people with dignity.

Mr. Wisnieski requested my “time would be … to come up with a plan that might get the people of our divided nation back on the same page, working together to solve problems.” I concur. Obviously, he did not read the following 10 non-paid Op Ed columns, which were submitted to The Nevada Journal for their due consideration of publishing, in alphabetical order: 1) American politics is frighteningly polarized, 2) American Presidents and their tangled web of deceit, 3) America’s 115th do nothing Congress, 4) Bipartisan solutions to DACA and immigration reform, 5) Bipartisanship-a measure of successful representation or failed politics, 6) Can President Trump bind the wounds of division?, 7) Iowa legislators top three bipartisan policy issues for 2016, 8) It’s time we put people before party, 9) Trump’s bipartisan outreach approved by Americans and 10) We The People deserve bipartisan Senators and Representatives.

I commend Mr. Wiskieski for reading The Nevada Journal and refere him, I can only presume, for getting his news from multiple sources; 57 percent of Americans get their news from TV, 38 percent from online sources, 25 percent through radio and 20 percent via print newspapers. I also salute Mr. Wiskieski for expressing his beliefs as declared in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Dr. Steve Corbin

Contributing Columnist to the Nevada Journal