To the editor:

After reading Steve Corbin’s columns for the last several months, in which he uses demagoguery to attack Trump and his administration, I felt compelled to respond. In his column (Nevada Journal, Oct. 26) Steve again found polls, quotes and claims to support his agenda.

Steve could have mentioned that Trump reversed two of the programs that Obama had set up unconstitutionally: Obamacare payments and DACA. Some other positive things that Steve could have mentioned were: Trump reversing Obama regulations that had slowed economic growth and Trump encouraging people to say God Bless America and Merry Christmas.

Steve posed two questions for Iowa’s Congressional delegates. He imposed a two-week deadline for them to respond.

Question No. 1: Do you agree that “Trump is a danger to the country and the world?”

Question No. 2: Do you agree that “Trump is unstable, losing a step and unraveling?”

I have two questions for Steve. I will not set a deadline for him to respond.

Question No. 1: Why did Trump win?

Question No. 2: How did Trump win?

I’m sure there are many “deplorables” who will be interested in Steve’s responses.

Perhaps a better use of Steve’s time would be for him to come up with a plan that might get the people of our divided nation back on the same page, working together to solve problems.

Jerry Wisnieski