To the editor:

Elections for Nevada City Council are now upon us. Would you like to cast your vote for a candidate who is knowledgeable and hardworking with a desire to make decisions in the best interest of those he represents? If so, I encourage you to support Dane Nealson in Ward 4. In my opinion, Dane is the candidate most familiar with what we as residents want. He has made it his goal to reach every home in his ward. In doing this, he will be able to truly vote in a way reflective of voters and citizens he represents.

He has an amazing presence in our community and the ability to bring new ideas and progress to Nevada. He is very approachable and passionate about serving his community. Dane is incredibly positive about Nevada’s future and will work to encourage pride and responsible planning. This outlook I particularly value, given my experiences working with other individuals and groups to make improvements to enhance and beautify our community. Dane is committed to the long-term growth and success of Nevada, as he and his lovely wife plan to raise their family here.

He is wise, yet humble, and clearly cares about people. He makes himself available to listen to any input, concerns or questions community members have. That willingness to communicate is something that will serve our council and our community well. I ask voters in Ward 4 to elect Dane Nealson to represent you on the Nevada City Council. He brings a fresh, positive outlook to Nevada and will work hard to represent the interests of our great community.

Jan Lundgren