The first phase of the 2013 street improvements project is expected to begin in a few weeks, weather permitting.

All the temporary construction easements for Third Street Place have been turned in and the contractor hopes to begin reconstructing the sanitary sewer March 17. In addition to the sanitary sewer, the storm sewer and water main will be reconstructed. Also, the existing pavement will be removed and replaced with 7-inch Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement. Work on Third Street Place will extend from E Avenue to G Avenue.

The second part of the street improvements project will be along C Avenue South, between Eighth Street and 11th Street. This portion of the project is expected to begin April 1. The same improvements will be along C Avenue South as those done for Third Street Place.

The start of the work may be pushed back if the ground is too frozen to safely dig around existing utilities.

J&K Contracting, LLC of Ames is in charge of the project, which was bid at just under $2 million. The project is part of the city’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan.

Community members who have yet to turn in their temporary construction easements are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Questions regarding the easements can be directed to Shawn Cole, building and zoning administrator, by calling 382-5466.