Kevin Cooper, and several students started unloading the semi storage trailer that contained workbenches, tools, jacks and storage cabinets on Sunday, Jan. 10 at 11:30 a.m.. By 6:30 p.m., the entire trailer was empty and was later pulled out. The John Deere 480 Heavy duty forklift donated to the FFA three years ago was an indispensable machine for the moving back into the lab. Every evening and the next two weekends, tractors were pulled or driven back into the lab, and frequently the forklift was the machine of choice. "We used a portable heater with a high speed fan motor to get some brakes and transmissions thawed out" stated Cooper, Nevada High School ag ed instructor and FFA advisor. Sixty-one point five hours were logged after school and on weekends getting moved back into the ag/mech lab between Jan 10 and the 31st. Besides moving back in, the tooling room inventory had to be remounted on the walls. "I have to compliment my students for their willingness to come in after school and weekends to help; they have a good work ethic" added Cooper. Adult volunteers included Todd MacVey, and Tyler McDonald. Student volunteers included Aidan Anderson, Aiden Alderson, Tyler Hansen, Chance Steffes, Hunter Anderson, Connor MacVey and Erik Fevold.