Story County Medical Center is currently seeking resident advocates to spend time with long-term residents.

These advocacy positions are designed to give Senior Care residents an unbiased person with whom they can share feedback about the treatment they’re receiving. The advocate, resident and medical staff all attend a quarterly meeting to discuss any feedback residents may have for care providers. Currently, each volunteer advocate meets with eight to 10 residents.

"Many of our volunteer advocates have the experience of having a loved one in long-term care," said Cybil Hines, administrative director of Senior Care Services. "Advocates just want to make sure that residents’ voices are heard."

Hines went on to explain that sometimes residents would rather talk to these advocates than the medical staff, especially if they don’t have family or anyone able to visit them regularly.

Story County Medical Center is also looking for volunteers for the activities program at Senior Care.

Hines also urges people to check out employment opportunities online at

Contact Cybil Hines at 515-382-7016 or visit the Story County Medical Center at 519 F Ave., for more information.