Nevada FFA members were pretty excited last Monday when they discovered a John Deere Heavy Duty All-Terrain Model 480A forklift at the ag mech lab. Rick Hawbaker, Ryerson Implement, Van Wall Group, donated the forklift to the Nevada FFA to use for unloading fruit, and lifting and moving ag mech projects and components.

"This is going to save time, and be much safer when it comes to lifting and moving," stated Kevin Cooper, Nevada High School ag ed instructor and FFA advisor. In the past, Ryerson’s was very generous in loaning out their forklifts, but it took time to move them from the store to ag mech lab. James Scarlett, a John Deere technician, prepped the machine and drove it to the school on Saturday, Sept. 14. "I like the twenty 100-pound suitcase weights hanging off the back, always good to have plenty of counterweights on lifts" added Cooper.