Nevada Police and Story County Sheriff’s deputies were kept busy early Wednesday morning, Feb. 27, after a stolen truck took off out of Nevada to the south on S-14. This occurred around 3 a.m.

According to Nevada Police Sgt. Matt Snyder, an officer was attempting to stop the vehicle, which had three occupants. The vehicle, at that time, was on the south side of town near Flummerfelt storage.

During the chase, the two passengers in the truck were discharged from the vehicle somewhere outside the city limits, and they were both found by Nevada officers, detained, questioned and released.

Sheriff’s deputies soon found the truck, near the intersection of 610th and 260th, south of Nevada. The plates on the truck had been stolen out of Ames; the truck itself, as shown by its VIN number, had been stolen out of Marshall County.

Shortly after finding the truck, another vehicle at a rural residence near that location, was reported stolen, and that vehicle was soon found by deputies not far from where the truck had been found.

The truck was taken by Nevada Police and processed. It was also processed by a Marshall County detective, before being returned to its owner.

The case is still under investigation by the Nevada Police and Story County Sheriff’s Office. Snyder urges anyone who might have information about these thefts, or any recent thefts that have occurred in and around Nevada, to contact law enforcement. At this time, there is a suspect in the case, but neither Nevada Police or Story County Sheriff’s Office would name the suspect at this time.