The Nevada school board has promoted two current administrators to different positions in the school district.

With Kathy Goecke, the principal of Central Elementary, retiring this spring, a job search to fill her position has been underway.

After interviewing candidates last week, district officials have hired Joel Fey to fill the principal spot. Fey has been the assistant principal at Central since 2008.

The Nevada school district has been conducting a job search for a Director of School Improvement and Innovation (DSII), which is similar to a curriculum director. Interviews were conducted during the day on Monday.

At Monday night’s meeting, the Nevada school board offered the DSII position to Justin Gross, who is currently Nevada’s high school principal.

In January, the school board approved an 80/20 sharing agreement for the DSII with the Colo-Nesco school district. So beginning July 1, Gross will spend an average of one day a week as the DSII for C-N and four days a week as the DSII for Nevada.

The Colo-Nesco school district and the state of Iowa both help fund this sharing agreement.