Story County school districts announced increasing efforts to disinfect buildings, and as of late Wednesday, do not have plans of closing at this time, according to an email sent on Wednesday that was signed by all of the school district’s superintendents in Story County.

“With many universities in the state canceling in-person classes and moving toward online courses for two weeks following spring break, the Story County school districts want to assure our families and communities, that as a group, we will continue normal operations for the foreseeable future,” all seven districts wrote in a response.

The school districts have been working closely with the Story County Public Health and the Iowa Department of Public Health, and will follow their guidelines, according to the release. If recommendations for a school closure are made by both the Story County Public Health or the IDPH, districts have pledged to let families know.

“Like all districts across the state and nation, we are continually monitoring the outbreak,” according to an email. “The Center for Disease Control (CDC) encourages childcare and school administrators to work in close collaboration and coordination with local health officials to make dismissal and large event cancellation decisions.”

“Schools are not expected to make decisions about dismissal or canceling events on their own.”

Requests for an online learning contingency are being handled on “an individual basis to best meet the needs of the student and family,” according to the statement.

If a student has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has an immediate family member who has been diagnosed, districts are asking the student to stay home.

“The District would ask the student to stay home and continue being monitored for 14 days,” according to the statement. “The District attendance policy will be waived for these students who miss class.”

Additionally, school districts are following the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations to increase disinfection processes in the school, as well as procedures when students show signs of illness, according to the report.

Disinfection procedures for the districts include routinely cleaning desks, door handles and wiping down tables after school.

“As districts, we are also promoting proper hand-washing and will be providing opportunities for hand-washing for students and staff.”