Twenty-one youth in grades K-6 learned about science, technology, reading, engineering, art and math (STREAM) at two fall Extension youth programs held October 7 and 14. The first was held in partnership with Story County Conservation at McFarland Park and the second program was held at the Clover Woods Camping Center. Participants practiced seven principles to use when outdoors that respected the environment, animals, and each other for a positive learning environment. They engineered a shelter from natural resources, prepared lunch over a fire, and navigated to geocaches with a global positioning system (GPS) hand held device. After reading Leaf Man, created their own leaf masterpiece. Participants gained appreciation for learning outdoors in a safe way and cared for the environment throughout the program.

Two additional programs are available for youth in K-6. These STREAM programs will be held October 28 at Clover Woods, located near Madrid, and October 29 at Dakins Lake, located in Zearing, Iowa. Registration information is available at The program fee is $25 for the first child, and $15 for each additional child from the same family. Questions can be directed to Story County ISU Extension and Outreach at or by calling 515-382-6551.