The Nevada Golden Kiwanis met Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019, at the Memorial Lutheran Church for a 5 p.m. pizza party. President Paul Hunter called the meeting to order. Darrell Staley offered the invocation. Several of our members and guests provided delicious deserts for after pizza treats.

Our speaker, Dave Duit spoke to us about his passion, the purple martin as well as other birds. There are 8600 species of birds. Birds rely on 4 different notes as they harmonize. They can sing as fast as 80 notes per second. All birds have an alert call to warn others of predators. Purple martins migrate to Brazil in the winter. Upon return, 90 percent come to the U.S., 7 percent to Mexico, and 3 percent to Canada. It can take weeks to months to migrate, some flying up to 400 miles per day. Housing for purple martins can be as simple as a gourd or a fancy martin house. The housing units are called colonies that need very specific care for the young and to avoid predators. Martin houses need to be built 40 feet from trees and 100 feet from residences to escape predators more easily. The houses should be 10-20 feet above the ground and lowered straight down for cleaning and maintenance. Tilt poles are not acceptable and should not be used.

The meeting adjourned with the feeling that we were well educated about birds in general and especially purple martins. Thank you Dave for a great program.