On the evening of Sunday, Oct. 27, from 5-7 p.m., you might get a knock on your door from a Nevada High School Key Club member. This group will be collecting donations around the city of Nevada to raise money for UNICEF.

UNICEF is an organization dedicated to eliminating neonatal tetanus, which is a debilitating disease that can kill within a week. The victim becomes sensitive to light and sound, and simple touches may break the victim’s bones. A small donation of $1.80 is all it takes to provide immunization shots to prevent a mother and her future children from contracting tetanus. Please open your doors on Sunday, Oct. 27, and consider making a donation to save lives. If Key Club members don’t make it to your neighborhood and you would like to make a donation to UNICEF, checks may be written to Nevada Schools and sent to the High School Office at 1001 15th St., with “Nevada HS Key Club” designated on the memo line.