Nevada High School horticulture students and FFA members have harvested more than 65 watermelons for use in the Nevada Community School lunch program.

The watermelons were started in the greenhouse in the spring and transplanted to fields at the Dale Swanson farm. Varieties include a yellow seedless variety that student have found to be visually captivating, but extremely tasty.

In addition to the school lunch menu, the cross-country teams enjoyed the watermelons after practice as a nutritious supplement. The watermelons are provided for the school lunch and students at no cost.


IMG_6232.jpg Nevada High School student Travis Dodd & horticulture students bring watermelons into Nevada High School lunchroom storage area.

IMG_6044.jpg Nevada High School women’s’ cross country team enjoy seedless yellow watermelon after practice, clockwise, Natalie Barber, Bridget Cahill, Grace Heiden, Elliot Rude, Meredith Harter, Grace Cahill, Samara Sharp, and Amelea Jones.

IMG_6227.jpg Nevada High School horticulture students form a delivery line of watermelons for the school lunch program, front to back, Mallory Mills, Cade Knop, Aly Stubborn, Carson Rhodes, Chloe Purser, Raven Pritchard, Sonja Pritchard, Travis Dodd, Gage Sawyer, Saron Mehari, Mark Henry, Eva Kellen, Camrae Schakel, and Michael Bautista, sitting in the truck Allison Kruzich.

IMG_6234.jpg Nevada High School student Carson Rhodes visually appraises freshly harvest watermelons for the school lunch program.