1) The Nevada City Council voted Monday to approve the rezoning of a subdivision owned by South Glen LLC from an AR (Agricultural-Residential Reserve) district to an R-3 (Urban Family Residential) district.

The issue was met with concerns from residents in the district adjacent to the new development including Wade Presley, who expressed concerns about placing an R-3 district next to the R-1 district because it is inconsistent with current zoning in Nevada.

“We acknowledge that the development needs to and will go forward,” Presley said, “we would just like to kind of ask the city council to think about what a future growth of Nevada to the south as the expansion of the city will look as opposed to an R-3.”

According to Building & Zoning Administrator Shawn Cole, R-3 was chosen to give the developer the option of putting up townhomes if the need arose and to allow for the growth of more housing. This is not allowed in the R-1 or R-2 districts.

2)No action was taken by the council to remove Nevada from the negotiation class for the National Prescription Opioids Litigation in the Northern District of Ohio. A notice was given to all cities and counties included in the suit that they had the option to remove themselves from the class by Nov. 22. No costs are incurred by the city by staying in the class. If a settlement is reached, the city will receive a share of the funds.

The litigation is a consolidated lawsuit involving multiple opioid-related suits, large pharmaceutical companies and thousands of city and county governments across the United States.

3)Nevada’s newest volunteer fire and emergency medical service volunteers were sworn in. Husband and wife Bryce and Heather Rasmusson will become volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians for the city. Edgar Beltran will serve as a rehab technician.

Fire Chief Ray Reynolds said he is excited to have them join the team, as the Rasmussons had four years of experience as emergency medical technicians in Jesup, Iowa before moving to Nevada, and Beltran speaks fluent Spanish as well as English. This is a skill set the fire department does not currently have, Reynolds said.

4)The council approved an amendment to the agreement with HR Green for $2.9 million for design and bidding of the city’s new wastewater treatment facility. The facility is to be located 3 ½ miles south of the current treatment plant.

The city agreed to the fee as a lump sum, eliminating the need to rework the contract for small changes that may come up. Amendments will be made to the contract if the council adds elements to the project that were not originally included.

According to HR Green Senior Project Manager Mike Roth, the $2.9 million is equal to about 7 percent of total construction costs, compared to a typical fee of 12 to 15 percent.

5)Reports were given by city department heads at the end of the meeting. Director of Parks & Recreation Tim Hansen said the department will begin shutting off water to city parks and preparing them for winter over the next few weeks.