Don’t let the shirt he’s wearing in the picture with this story make you think you know everything about his favorite teams.

Colo-NESCO senior Jackson Shaw isn’t just an Iowa Hawkeyes fan. He’s also an Iowa State Cyclones fan, in fact, he’s probably more for Iowa State than Iowa when the two schools play, he admitted.

Shaw loves football, period. He likes watching his favorite college teams, and he loves playing the sport, so much so in fact, that he intends to keep playing it next year at whatever college he decides to attend.

“I’ve heard from Division 3 schools, Division 2 schools and from NAIA schools,” he said about his football prospects. “It’s going to be tough (to pick a college). I’ve got a lot of schools I’ve fallen in love with.”

More than likely, those schools have also fallen in love with Jackson, a big presence on the field and at Colo-NESCO High School, not just because of his size, but also because of his contagious personality and ease of conversation.

“I don’t think it’s hit me yet,” he said about the fact that he’s finally a senior. “But I have caught myself saying ‘Nice job, kid’ (to not only his teammates but to younger kids on opposing teams)… I’m old, but it hasn’t totally hit me yet that I’m a senior. I’m ready to just have fun with it this year.”

Having fun, along with keeping his grades up, are actually what Shaw lists as his two main goals for this school year. “You can’t do high school things over again … you have to have fun and go until you can’t go anymore.” And, you, at some point, have to determine a college, if that’s your plan.

With his college choice, Shaw would like to stay in Iowa or at least the Midwest to be closer to his family — parents, Terry and Amy Shaw of Colo and older sister, Payton, a 2017 C-N graduate now a junior at Knox College in Illinois.

When it comes to his college decision, he said he’s happy that he has mentors around him at Colo-NESCO to help him, and that he has his parents, who have been taking him to his college visits. He said he loves that he’s been raised in a very close-knit family. “Everything has gone through them (my parents). They have been the true inspirations in my life. They’ve been there for me always.”

The Shaw family moved to Colo from Madrid when their son was halfway through his seventh-grade year. “It was probably the best change I ever made in my life. We moved to Colo and I’ve just loved it,” he said. “I love the people here, the teachers … everyone cares about each other and you know everyone.”

When it comes to playing football, what Shaw loves most is the people. “It’s so much fun to go out and play sports with friends,” he said. He loves the strategy in the game of football most. “Even what it says on paper, is not what is going to happen in the game. You have to think on your feet … you’ve got to be smart about what you’re going to do all the time.”

As one of the only seniors on the team this year, Shaw loves to be the guy who both pushes and supports the younger players. “We are young and these kids are here to learn… I’m excited to see where this team’s going to go and what they’ll do in the future. They’re just all-around great kids,” he said of the younger players.

Shaw is an offensive guard and on defense, he’s a noseguard/defensive tackle. He’s played both the 11-man and 8-man games. “Eight-man is much faster and … definitely a really crazy scoring game. Everyone’s got a job, and if something doesn’t get done on defense, someone’s going to score.”

When it comes to his love of both Cyclone and Hawkeye football, he said he likes the difference in the teams. “I’ve been to games in both stadiums… ISU is a very modern atmosphere. Iowa is very conservative with their play.”

Another sport that Shaw takes part in is track and field. He’s a discus thrower. “I like the movement, the spin and the articulation … the way you release it,” he said of throwing the discus. “It just feels great to know you did it right.”

Another favorite activity outside of sports for Shaw is band, where he plays the trombone, saying he thinks he chose it way back in fifth grade because it made the loudest noise. “I’ve been in it so long,” he said about band. He ranks it right up there with football as one of his two favorite high school activities. “It’s mainly the people … the opportunity to play and have fun and make music… We’ve had great teachers. I’ve always loved it.”

Other things that keep Shaw busy right now at Colo-NESCO are that he’s president of both National Honor Society and choir; and he’s also involved in TAG, speech and drama.

If you’re wondering what this talented guy is going to do with his future, he’s pretty sure he knows what his focus will be — engineering.

“I do like to solve problems … it’s been a hobby of mine — tearing things apart,” he said.

Through a process engineering course offered by DMACC, Shaw became very interested in process engineering, which he describes as a subdivision of mechanical and industrial engineering. “You basically go into an industrial setting and manage time, space and the people working,” he said, “with an end goal of comfortability and production.”

In addition to engineering, he’d also like to major in sports management, where he thinks his interest in sports, time management and how space is utilized could also be beneficial.

“I’ve left my options open to find my true calling in life,” he said. And he knows one thing is certain. “If I fall in love with [a career], that’s where I’ll stay.”