If you haven’t noticed, the landscape along South B Avenue in Nevada is changing every day with Burke’s current plant expansion project.

“After a slow start due to an extremely wet winter and spring, we are making up ground and feel comfortable with a July 2020 expansion opening. We are proud of how safely our teams are working and (are) doing our best to keep our dust to a minimum,” said Tracy Brown, Burke vice president of operations.

“Our excitement continues to grow as we have passed the halfway mark of our construction journey, and we begin to visualize the benefits our company and community will enjoy once our expansion is completed. We expect our initial hiring wave of approximately 45 people to start in January 2020 to allow adequate training for our more specialized positions, with another hiring wave to commence in May 2020 for the balance of our phase one hiring. We expect our phase two hiring to commence in the spring/summer of 2021 as our business ramps up, with our total job additions in the 210 range,” said Chad Randick, president and CEO of Burke Corporation.