Nevada’s American Legion over halfway to attaining a fundraising goal on a project that’s very important to them.

Don Kockler, past commander, has taken the lead on a project to put up some new flagpoles and flags at both the Nevada City Cemetery and the Catholic Cemetery in Nevada.

The project is important for Kockler and two other Legion members, Dave Lilland and Tim McLaughlin.

“It gives us (veterans and the Legion) visibility and we want to have a visible American flag flying in both cemeteries all the time in honor of the veterans who are buried there.”

The project includes moving the current flag pole at the Nevada City Cemetery to a more visible location. “Right now, that flag is way out of sight and is overgrown by trees, so we want to move it out where it’s more visible,” Kockler said.

They want to put up three poles in the city cemetery near the Memorial Day monument, where Memorial Day services are held.

This year, the Nevada Patriotic council started a new tradition of recognizing veterans who passed away with a reading of their names during the service. Kockler said they want to use that new center pole to raise the American flag each Memorial Day during the reading of those names. They also want to have solar lighting focused on the center pole.

At the Catholic Cemetery, there is no flagpole or American flag flying. “We want to put a flag at that cemetery and have it located on the incoming road right behind the statue,” Kockler said. They also want to provide lighting at that pole.

Initial funding for the project has come mostly from memorial funds of a deceased veteran who wanted them utilized by the American Legion. Estimates on the poles have been received from a local business and the total project cost is $5,628. “We have raised $3,260 so far,” Kockler said on Monday. Now they are hoping for a few more contributions from the public to raise the total amount needed.

“Our hope is to have the project completed by Veterans Day of this year, Nov. 11,” he said. And they definitely want the project to be completed by Memorial Day 2020.

“We have talked with Nevada Parks and Rec (officials) and with one of the members of the Catholic Cemetery board,” he said. “From that side, everything’s a go.”