At roughly 11:45 p.m. Thursday night, the powerful lightning and thunderstorm going through Nevada lit up Cub Stadium.

A transformer in the mechanical room at the stadium, just east of the high school, was blown.

On Friday morning, Nevada Schools Director of Buildings and Grounds Dave Kroese was on the scene. “We had a local electrician come in and he took good care of us,” he said. Shortly after noon on Friday, the stadium was up and running again.

Kroese said this isn’t the first time a transformer at Cub Stadium has been hit. “This happened once before, about 11 months ago,” he noted.

This time, the district will put in an added surge protector specifically on that transformer. “We have a variety of [surge protectors] on different things,” Kroese said.

Labor and parts to repair the blown transformer add up to around $9,500, and the repair is covered by the school’s insurance.

Baseball field update

Kroese said the new high school baseball field, located at SCORE Park, should be ready soon, weather permitting. The goal is to have the team playing there June 3.

Kroese said the bleachers, after needing to be taken down and re-erected, are almost complete, as of Friday. “It wasn’t the bleachers’ fault,” he chided. He said they simply had some unacceptable craftsmanship there and wanted it corrected.

Once the bleacher and handrail work is done, a little more electric work that needed to follow that will happen.

The biggest item still needing to be completed, Kroese said, is concrete.

A little more work remains on fencing and grass, he added.

Overall, though, the new baseball field is looking good, especially the grass. “The grass is looking pretty decent for its age (less than a year, as it was planted last summer),” he said.

Weather permitting, the boys of summer will be at the field soon. The team has held practices and games up to this point at Billy Sunday Field.

Kroese said he’s ready to bring on summer, which is full of routine projects for the district building and grounds crew. Those projects will include a few mechanical things; a few roof replacement items, one of which is the Cub Stadium restroom’s roof that sustained hail damage; some inside classroom remodeling to accommodate special needs students inside the middle school; and replacement of some concrete in the main parking lot of the elementary school.