An incredible partnership formed in 2007 between the Nevada Community School District and Story County that has continued into 2019.

Every four years, as part of the multi-age program’s “Branching Out” theme, Story County and students at Central Elementary create a vibrant town – complete with a pharmacy, restaurants, band shell, barbershop, houses, multi-family structures, civic buildings, parks facilities, churches, and much, much more – all from boxes.

In 2019, Central students appropriately named the Box City project Cubbieville, USA.

This one of kind city typically contains over 200 “houses” built by students out of milk boxes. In order for students to be able to construct all the other uses in Cubbieville, they visited the “permit office” and received building permits. Partners were given these permits and shown on a zoning map the general location of the lot upon which their building would be placed. Permits issued for students included water tower and water treatment plant, parks, bakery, restaurants, and even a left and a right Twix factory.

The public is invited to attend an open house and ribbon cutting to officially incorporate Cubbieville, USA on Wednesday, May 29 at the Safe Room at Nevada High School. Doors open at 12:45 p.m. with the ribbon cutting happening around 1 p.m.

Those attending are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the Nevada Community Cupboard.