Chamber Director Lynn Scarlett and Steve Skaggs, committee member of the “Main Street Nevada” project, both spoke about happenings around Nevada at the Senior potluck on Monday.

Lynn told us about current events coming up soon in Nevada, and also told us about the decision to move LHD’s from main street back to the Fair Grounds. I have seen several articles about the committee who has been working hard to get the rodeo back into LHD’s, on Sat. night Aug. 24th. Watch the Journal for information about when tickets will be available.

Our second program speaker was Steve Skaggs, who is a member of the committee working on the “Main Street” application. “Main Street Iowa” was first started in 1985 and there are currently 54 cities in Iowa who have joined this national program. The closest towns to us are State Center and Story City who both joined in 2000. The benefit of joining this organization is that they will help by suggesting businesses that our community needs to compliment the ones we already have. They can also give architectural advice to building owners and tell them where they might apply for loans and grants to help with restoration. Since only 2 towns are selected for this program, every other year, the committee has been working hard to meet all of the criteria required to apply. Please watch for more information from this committee, and if you are able make a financial donation to show that our town is serious about improving our main street, they would welcome it.