Larry Stevens, consulting engineer for the City of Nevada, reported at Monday’s council meeting that the construction at Lincoln Highway and Airport Road is moving along.

Last Friday, Stevens said, the southbound main line of Airport Road was paved and then the north side was paved this past Monday. “So we’ve got the turn lanes on both sides (of Lincoln Highway) to pave yet.” He predicted asphalt work should start in a couple of weeks and be completed in three weeks, and the entire project, if there are no unforeseen complications, will be completed by early June.

Stevens also reported that engineers will finish with the preliminary plans for the downtown improvements project by the end of May. “It’s been a lot of work and challenges,” he stated, noting that they don’t ordinarily have projects with so many handicapped accessibility items to deal with. Next month, both a steering committee meeting for the downtown project and a public information meeting on the project will be held. Dates of those meetings are tentatively June 4 and June 18, respectively.

Stevens also said HR Green is working to get a wastewater treatment facility plan completed and to the DNR for approval. “That is the last step,” he said before they enter the design phase of Nevada’s new wastewater treatment facility.

City Administrator Matt Mardesen announced that the city has been in discussions with Colo Telephone about bringing its broadband service to Nevada. Mardesen said they’ve talked about what that infrastructure would look like and will be meeting about it again in the near future. “We’re at least taking a look at it,” he said.

Nevada Fire Chief Ray Reynolds announced that the stover site across from VERBIO (formerly DuPont) is “no more.”