The Patriotic Council met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 18. Once again, the attendance was small in spite of postcard reminders and public pleas.

The Patriotic Council is a community organization that plans the annual Memorial Day observance for the community of Nevada. A great deal of work is done each year to be sure that the observance honors the heroes who have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy in our country. This year’s observance will be no different.

This year, the Council has chosen two brothers to be their Honorary Parade Marshal for the Memorial Day processional. They have chosen Elbert and Robert Lowe. They are the remaining two boys of a family of five, all who served their country. Elbert is a veteran of the Korean Conflict, while brother Robert served in Vietnam.

The Council has also chosen Capt. Nick Lenny of the Story County Sheriff’s Department to be the featured speaker for the observance.

The Patriotic Council would once again like to plead for volunteers to help with this observance. Memorial Day is not just the first three-day weekend of the summer, it is a time when we all should stop and say ‘thank you’ that we have the freedom to enjoy the three-day weekend. Men and women fought for this freedom, many giving their very lives, and too often we are so busy enjoying ourselves, that we don’t even stop to think about what it means.

At this time, we have a total of seven new flags of deceased veterans that will be flying with the other flags in our Avenue of Flags. We plan to raise these flags during our program at the cemetery, as a final honor for them. Every veteran represented in our Avenue either gave their life or would have given it for our great country. Please remember this and volunteer to help with this important organization. Most important of all, remember these veterans, and their sacrifices on this Memorial Day.